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Fuji X100 | Iceland

I recently went to Iceland to attend a workshop and bought a Fuji X100 to bring along and use instead of lugging my DSLR around every where. It worked just as well as my D610 and I loved it! The pictures turned out great and the only qualms I have is that the battery died very fast, so I purchased an extra battery to have on hand for hikes and camping trips. Enjoy the photos of Iceland taken on my Fuji X100 this past August!

View of Reykjavik Iceland
Iceland elopement photographer
Horses in iceland outside Reykjavik
Adventure and story workshop in reykjavik, Iceland
Iceland landscape
Campers in Iceland
Thingvellir National Park Iceland
Elopement photographer Iceland
Reykjavik photographer
Rogue sheep in Iceland
Mountain view in Iceland
The black church iceland wedding photographer
view of iceland from the black church
church in iceland. Iceland wedding photographer
waterfalls of iceland
Iceland water falls
rainbow in iceland
elopement on black sand beaches in Iceland
black sand beach in iceland
View of Vik, Iceland
black sand beaches in Vik, Iceland
glaciers in Iceland
glacial lagoon in Iceland

Fuji X100

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